Blair: Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here. #gossipgirl

Since the sun left the country a month ago and still didn't return, I thought let's make some pictures in the night time. The weather channel promises us that this week wil get better so I hope that I get the opportunity to relax in the sun and make some great photographs before we leave to Madrid. Big love.

Jenny: You win. Blair: Oh, sweetie. We just started to play. #GossipGirl

Hello sweethearts. I'm very happy that I can provide you a post again. Made this look today in my lunch break. As I told you I'm still working full-time and yeah this is my last week! I'm longing for Madrid because Holland feels and looks like autumn. That's the reason I'm not very enthusiastic about making pictures, and I only feel like wearing black to suit the weather haha. I'm wearing a vintage blouse and all my YSL rings. I just feel that wearing only one ring is really unfair to the others.

I also want to thank you all for the lovely comments on my blog and lookbook, I really appreciate your support!! Have a lovely (hopefully sunny and warm) week!

These ain't fore the hypies, these for the 'G's.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I'm currently working 5 days in the week so I don't have all the time to post new looks. And besides that, the weather is not motivating me at all. I love to run around with bare legs, but the dutch climate is nog supporting me. I booked a trip to Madrid with my love and I'm really excited to go. It's going to be amazing. Swimming, sunning, eating, shopping!!! Have to make some money before I go to fur fill all those wishes haha. But here a quick look. Bought this amazing vintage blouse yesterday. Lots of hearts

Blair: Those butterflies... have got to be murdered #GossipGirl

Just a quick, easy look of the day. I was wearing this yesterday but didn't find the time to post it yet. Love my new vintage shirt, the fabric is just lovely when the sun hits it. Lots of hearts

YSL love

Just got back from Paris and I succeeded yeah. Bought two new YSL rings and a wonderful YSL lipstick. On the last picture you can see all the YSL rings I own (for now). Wish to have all the colours though haha.

Blair: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. #gossipgirl

 Currently I'm sitting in my lovely backyard, with my laptop in the sun, listening to the new album of (the amazing) Beyonce. You really have to see the story: year of 4, on youtube. Beyonce talks about her year off and her new tracks. I believe she is very inspiring. She tries to follow her heart while the whole world is watching and pressuring her. But anyhow, yesterday I was wearing this amazing new vintage skirt. Found it in a cool vintage shop and it just fitted perfect. Wearing it with this gold vintage blouse and my shell necklace. Bought the necklace on an impressive festival. There were a lot of stands with African and oriental food, jewellery and clothes. Of course I'm also wearing my YSL ring, favorite piece which I wear almost every day.

Dorota: This say “sexy and smart.” Blair: No, it says “let’s skip dinner and make a sex tape.” #gossipgirl

Finally found the time to post a look again. Don't wear this dress often so decided to pull it out of my closet so it can see some sunshine again haha. On the 9th of July I'm going back to Paris with my love (and my lovely full time photographer *-*). Hope to find a new YSL ring, the blue one this time. Had a horrible nightmare this week though, that all the stores in whole Paris didn't have it!! (I'm dead serious, had a terrible feeling waking up). Hope you all had some pleasant days. I'm going to watch some Naturo again, still to addicted. Lots of hearts