Dorota: This say “sexy and smart.” Blair: No, it says “let’s skip dinner and make a sex tape.” #gossipgirl

Finally found the time to post a look again. Don't wear this dress often so decided to pull it out of my closet so it can see some sunshine again haha. On the 9th of July I'm going back to Paris with my love (and my lovely full time photographer *-*). Hope to find a new YSL ring, the blue one this time. Had a horrible nightmare this week though, that all the stores in whole Paris didn't have it!! (I'm dead serious, had a terrible feeling waking up). Hope you all had some pleasant days. I'm going to watch some Naturo again, still to addicted. Lots of hearts

4 opmerkingen:

  1. ı love this dress so much.
    nice shoes

  2. You look gorgeous doll,,Love your shoes & nailpolish!*


  3. You look gorgeous!
    I found you on and loved your blog! I'm following! =) kisses!

  4. You are beautiful, I love your dress, it really flatters your figure :)