These ain't fore the hypies, these for the 'G's.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I'm currently working 5 days in the week so I don't have all the time to post new looks. And besides that, the weather is not motivating me at all. I love to run around with bare legs, but the dutch climate is nog supporting me. I booked a trip to Madrid with my love and I'm really excited to go. It's going to be amazing. Swimming, sunning, eating, shopping!!! Have to make some money before I go to fur fill all those wishes haha. But here a quick look. Bought this amazing vintage blouse yesterday. Lots of hearts

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  1. Hey doll,I absolutely love to read your comments!* Always something special!* Thank you for your compliments!* I live in the Netherlands too..The weather was great on Friday so I immediately went out to enjoy it because as you see, it's pouring again!* That's a gorgeous blouse and I love your heels and endless legs!*

    Very jealous of your Madrid trip,Enjoy it!*


  2. Madrid will be amazing, great outfit and amazing style as always. Great print on the vintage blouse

    Rianna xxx

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  4. OMG such a beauuutifuuul outfit my beauty ♥ ♥ ♥ such great colours on your perfect shirt WOW, and these shorts suit you so so well darling !
    I missed you tooo !!!!

    Love you

  5. hahaha Thanks so much then, sorry for don't understand you befora, I'm little bad with english hahah. you are so cute, xoxo