That moment when you type a huge message to someone & they only reply to the unimportant part

I've been wanting to make pictures of this zara blue skirt for such a long time. I cut it shorter at the back because I'm not that tall (don't let the pictures fool you haha) and without heels the skirt covered all my legs. I'm wearing it with a black Primark blouse which I cut short also. The bracelet is actually a belt but love to wear it this way. Shoes are also Primark. This week will be filled with uni work unfortunately so I won't be able to shoot a look until next weekend. At 6 June I'm going to travel around Portugal for a week with 2 lovely girls. I really cannot wait!!

Dream big. Imagine your greatest each day. Those that expect nothing, will not be disappointed.

I decided to share some personal pictures with you guys, at least if you'd like that!? Normally I post more 'professional' pictures but I thought maybe it's nice if you'd see more of my life. Let me know what you think about this! My friend took this picture with my iphone when we rent a boat in the retiro park on the lake. With my toes in the water and my face in the sun, ultimate relaxation. If you decide to visit Madrid (you should!!! you will love it ), you HAVE to (let me know this so we could meet & together )visit the Retiro Park. It's amazing.

She's my BEST friend, of course I'm going to tell her everything you just said

The summer outfit of the day! This dress (H&M) has been laying in my closet, untouched, for more than a year. I took it with me to Madrid to give it a chance to shine, and today was finally that day. It totally gives that summery feeling! I'm wearing it with the same vintage belt of last post and new shoes I found yesterday in the H&M!. My lovely friend took some fast pictures when I was showing her around the city.

Nothing makes a women more beautiful then the believe she is beautiful

I actually currently have to study for an exam tomorrow but I couldn't focus because I wanted to send this blog post! I'm excited for tomorrow because after the exam a friend is coming to visit me until sunday. I've planned some amazing things for those days! I want you all to know me a little better since I never write a lot of personal things on my blog. These random facts can give you some understanding in my personality and way of living:

- I’m a hopeless passionate person who believes in true love, and would sacrifice everything for this. I fiend and crave for love and always wear my heart on my sleeve. I would spend every dime I  have left for that one romantic love story.
- I’m very impatient. If I want something then I want it now.
- I tend to look at people really intense. Some people can get intimidated or uncomfortable because of this and always ask; “why are you looking at me like that”.
- I always over analyse everything. I’m always trying to figure out the ‘why, why, why’.
- I’m a really difficult annoying eater. I only want to eat what I at the moment feel like eating.
- I’m always optimistic and truly believe that every dream can come true, that you create your own reality. I try to motivate everyone in my surroundings to think positive.
- I only choose to surround myself with ambitious, positive, motivating and inspiring people. You become who you associate yourself with.
- I’ve been doing martial arts for more then 10 years
- I’m always watching series/movies, working on my blog, looking for inspiration in the middle of the night. Sometimes I only sleep 4 hours because I’m so occupied on my laptop.
- I'm extremely obsessed with the thousands series I watch on the internet and get really emotional and passionate when I watch them. Vampire Diaries is definitely one of the best and I truly wish to spend the rest of my life married with Damon. 
- I cannot watch Horror movies cause I will be to scared to sleep for the next half year. If I watch movies then I'm not an observer sitting on a couch but I really feel like I'm IN the movie.
- I cannot sit still when I hear a song I like. I'm always dancing and singing along, no matter where I am. 
- When I go out with my best friends Cindy and Renee I only bring 1 euro for the wardrobe and the toilet. I can't and don't spend my money on alcohol. I don't need alcohol at all to dance like a crazy person and to have the best time.
- If I'm in a club and an amazing song is playing I don't want to be interrupted to talk. I will ignore every guy that comes up because I'm at that moment feeling like the professional background dancer from Beyonce.
- I realllllly dislike the smell of cigarette smoke.

Put your freakum dress on

 Photo credit: Efrain

Hold out your back, time to impress. Pull out your freakum dress
Every woman got one, shut it down when the time's come
Pull out the big gun, Put your freakum dress on
When you put it on it's an invitation, when they play your the song get on up and shake it
Spin it all around then take it to the ground
Work it out on your man you don't have to waste it.

I want you to meet my freakum dress. This is the dress I put on when I have a special day/night planned and I want to feel and look great. I actually have two freakum dresses, both red. I bought this one a while ago from Asos and I'm still so in love with it.

That awkward moment when you realize you've shared too much private information but you just can't stop talking.

Photo credit: Efrain

I actually have a lot of the 'I say to much things you actually should not know about' awkward moments. I'm a person who talks a lot and doesn't really know when to shut up. A few drinks multiplies this. After a couple of cocktails(even 1 has lots of impact) I suddenly feel totally comfortable to tell things I would normally keep to myself (locked away in a secret dark place in my body). The day after I always wonder; shit, what kind of secrets did I shared last night!?. Do you know that awkward feeling?
The weather is currently amazing in Madrid by the way!!!! Tomorrow will be 30 degrees and I could not be happier. I'm a total obsessive emotional sun lover and the next days will be filled with enjoying the most out of it -> Park, swimmingpool, more park. I'm also in desperate need of a tan with all the skirts, shorts and bikinis.

Spring is the season of rebirth. A time for change. A time to blossom.

Photo credit: Efrain

Welcome sun, you've been missed!!!! I'm wearing the same bustier as the last look, it's the new love of my closet. It just goes with everything. I normally wear it with a high-waist skirt but totday I matched it with two totally different pieces. I like wearing items that actually doesn't really go well together but in the end look quit interesting. Matching doesn't always means you have to go for the safe way. It makes it so much more fun to not always go for the obvious.