Blair: Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here. #gossipgirl

Since the sun left the country a month ago and still didn't return, I thought let's make some pictures in the night time. The weather channel promises us that this week wil get better so I hope that I get the opportunity to relax in the sun and make some great photographs before we leave to Madrid. Big love.

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  1. my beautiful friend, how i miss you so it has been too long. Can i say first of all that the vintage finds you have collected are phenomenal, pattern wise and colour pure amazing. This is no exception you look amazing darling. I have been well dear, my holidays extended far too long over the winter and semester started again last week but it's my last semester AGAIN, so this is a positive leg of the race before it's all over again and MY turn to head to Europe, guess what darling, Amsterdam and Paris are both planned on my map, I'm so excited I've booked to leave in mid November :)) NOW, whatever you're taking a little holiday? how gorgeous is that! is it for yourself and your bf? Either way it will be beautiful I am sure! You must tell me where you work dear, it sounds like it has been such a handful, I'm sure it's going to be worth it dear. I know that my job and uni will pay off so it MUST for you dear!!Lot's of shopping in Paris ahead, NOW for both of us! I will shutup and stalk some more now my darling lots of love to you of course!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. i really love this outfit, eline. it looks so fab and regal.

  3. Amazing look dear Eline!! Love the pattern and necklace!!!
    Looove xoxo lina :)