Fire drill photo time

As you may or may not know, my lovely boyfriend takes almost all my photos for the blog. The sweetheart puts a lot of effort and energy in it ( I can be such a perfectionist, bore and quitter. So I'm really thank full for that haha. ) The only problem is that he lives 3 hours away. I study in Amsterdam for 5 days in the week and he studies in the south of the Netherlands, where I grew up and my parents live. I almost every weekend travel back to the south to catch up with them. As you can see, only in the weekends and holidays I can shoot some pictures. Luckily though, an amazing friend of mine, helps me out! Love for Kimberley. Today there was a fire drill during class, so we took this moment to find a nice spot to shoot, so I could show you what I was wearing today. Her camera ran out of battery so these photos were made with her Iphone, and I must say that the quality isn't that bad at all. Btw; please do not pay any attention to my tooth's who look terribly red on the last picture because of the light. They do not look like that in real life thankfully haha. Hope you all had a great day.

Who you are

Got my new shoes! Even though I still have pain of wearing them today, I'm absolutely in love with them.

You will rise

Thanks to my lovely friend Kimberley I was able to make some pictures of my outfit. I was invited to discover the new Fall-Winter 2011/2012 collection from Patrizia Pepe today. The new collection was very lovely. Some items really catched my eyes and are definitely on my wish list. Especially the jewelry and shoes stood out. I wish I could show you but I wasn't able to make pictures. Hopefully they'll provide me photos and material to put on my blog.

Sunday love

I will always love the military look. The colors, the vibe it gives. Wish I could wear the jacket on the right with the hat she has on!

Taylor Tomasi Hill

Wow where can I start. I love her hair first of all. Her elegants, the way she wears her clothes, her attitude and overall the vibe she carries. Truly an inspiration for me.