‎"You know you're Dutch when you talk about the weather every day"

Hello sweethearts. I finally succeeded to upload a new post. I made this look a couple of days ago but my laptop couldn't read the files from the camera (we used the nikon camera from my lovely photographer Amber and my laptop is used to canon). As the title says; we Dutch people talk a lot about the weather. In Holland most of the time because the weather is crappy and that we're not pleased with that, but now being in Madrid I just want to tell everyone how lovely the weather is and how happy it is making me. It's ridiculous how much my mood, feelings and emotions are attached to the weather. With 18 degrees, I just wish to lay in the sun all day, read a book, listen to music and just relax. I've made these pictures in the beautiful retiro park. I will spend most of my spring time in there. I'm wearing new shoes that I bought in Madrid which are unfortunately not that comfortable. I actually tripped two times while wearing this to school. big fail. At that moment I can hear other girls thinking:'Then don't wear those ridiculous heels haha'.

I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day.

Ola guapa. Told you in the last post about my new fur jacket. Well here she is, in all her glory. And god, I'm so happy with her. Bought her in a cool vintage shop close to my house. Madrid is actually vintage heaven. Could walk for years in this beautiful city watching the beautiful buildings and in search for the secret vintage shops. Wearing the outfit with the new shoes from my lovely guy. The necklace is also new, saw it for only 5 euro's in this little shop, screaming my name, so couldn't refuse ofcourse (I have problems with refusing, that's for sure haha). I could persuade Amber (also a dutch student living the good life in Madrid) to take these pictures and I'm so thankful for that, she sure got skills!

Birthday present from my love

Good morning dears. Excited to show you what just came in my mailbox! My guy gave me the original JC lita's and I'm so happy with them. I've always still wanted the originals because they can be matched with every outfit. I wanted to get these heels to wear on a daily basis and not being afraid for it to get dirty. I also bought the most amazing white fur jacket. Going to make a look with them soon. I've been looking for a white fur jacket for ages and I'm thrilled I finally found it. Madrid is full with amazing vintage shops so I feel like I'm in vintage heaven. It's only dangerous for my wallet and I have no idea how I'm going to get all those clothes home after 5 months. That's going to be a total suitcase nightmare.

Wearing Michael Jackson on my birthday

Ola guapa. 20 years ago on 4 February 1992 I was born in the south of the Netherlands in a big snow storm. Yes you read it correctly, today is my birthday. I'm not a teenager any more! Happy birthday to me.

Tomorrow will be the last day of my first week in Madrid and I'm falling in love with the city. I left Holland just in time because it's extremely(!) cold there right now. Madrid feels like spring, I love the sun! I asked my roommate today to make pictures to show you the new white shoes from the last post and my Michael Jackson shirt. I will always love his music and his inspiring clothes. I would love to rock all his shiny jackets.