Goodbye Madrid

 I'm currently sitting in my parents house in the south of Holland posting these last pictures from Madrid, rather unbelievable. Yesterday I arrived back in Holland and I'm already missing Madrid extremely haha. My half year Erasmus was truly amazing. All the experiences and the people I met made me change and grow as a person. It also created an enormous desire for travelling. I met so many people from different countries with different cultures and I want to experience these for myself. I wish to travel around the world for years. Want to get to know every country our lovely earth has to offer. I'm sad that I left Madrid but ready for all the new adventures. The possibilities are endless.

Dressing up is exercise for you creativity

Special post today: Selin&Eline duo. We're both wearing the same style vibe but you can truly see both of our personalities shining through. It's always difficult to find out what looks best on you and what your own unique style is, your trademark. It's always tempting to copy others instead of taking them as inspiration. Never 'try' to wear a certain style because you think it's so nice in magazines or on others. Always make it your own. put your feeling and stamp on it. Clothes has to represent your identity. It's the outer statement of your personality. Also never forget to look at your body. Find out what shapes and colours don't look good on your body and don't buy it, no matter how stylish and awesome it is. Dressing up is truly exercise for your creative mind. It's all about experimenting.

Be so good they can't ignore you.

I want to introduce to you the second me & her style. We're both equally obsessed with clothes, pictures and everything in between. Selin always wears dazzling feminine clothes that always show off her perfect figure. I could not resist taking pictures of her and post her look to herphoenix because I know you would fall in love. She arrived today in Madrid to visit me and we have such a fantastic week planned. You will see more pictures of her & us together this week. We're now getting dolled up, putting our hot girl disguises on, to go party!

No one can bother you unless you agree with them.

An overload with pictures! I went to the park with my lovely photographer Efrain and shoot pictures at some of the amazing places that the Retiro has to offer. Couldn't choose which pictures to remove so just posted all. (I'm a terrible decision maker in everything). A friend is coming to visit me tomorrow for a week, super excited. Last official week of the Madrid adventure, so I'm going to enjoy every last minute together with her. I'm going to make a lot of pictures to capture that last week!

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it

The night-worker I am, is writing this post at the unbelievable time of 7.05 in the morning. This is not because I stand up so early but because I still have to sleep. I just came back from the club Pacha (danced my ass off) and decided to post now instead of tomorrow. As you obviously notice, I came back from my trip in Portugal!! It was amazing, but feels great to be back in Madrid. This inspiring city feels like my home. I have two weeks left until I move back to Holland so have to enjoy every last minute!!! About the look; Wearing vintage blouse & belt, primark shorts and shoes from random store. This outfit is actually waay to hot for this time of year in Madrid. It's 34 degrees-> bikini weather so rushing to the swimming pool instantly in the morning!