Never take it slow when it comes to love. You should never tame love. Fall hard, wild and intense. Love without fear of the unknown

I have so much clothes I still have to show you. Will take 100 shoots to photograph them all. But I'm totally stressed out about my final bachelor thesis so I should probably focus more on that. {(>_<)} Wearing jewellery that will be on the 'All this creativity'  webshop which I told about in my previous post. Don't forget to follow them at (ᵕ.ᵕ)

Back in black and gold

Yes I am back! There are a lot of looks coming up so keep watching my blog frequently. Unfortunately I can't provide any sunny looks as I did last year in Madrid. But at least now you can all see how I look in winter.. well without 5 layers of clothes I actually wear outside that means, and without heels because of the snow. I also have other special news! I'm the biggest fan of unique jewellery as you all know. I'm working together on a new project with the facebook community 'All this creativity' who post the sickest fashion, music, art and photography inspiration. We will open a webshop very soon with the most amazing rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I'm wearing some jewellery on these pictures that will be available on the webshop! Now you can finally get the 'hard to find' jewellery that I always kept a secret. So follow and stay tuned (ு८ு)