If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be

Dear sweethearts. Creating my new website takes a lot more time then I thought. So before I go online with my new site I wanted to post a look just so you guys don't have to wait so damn long. And I wanted to introduce you to these new bracelets that I found on http://www.speechlessbracelets.nl/ They use inspirational quotes to give people motivation. Now I'm on my way to this amazing festival: Pitch festival in Amsterdam. See you soon <3

EXCITING NEWS to tell !!

As you all know I haven't been blogging properly. I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis and totally stressing about it because my deadline is in three weeks! This also means that I finish school in three weeks. I've been thinking a lot about what I really want to do after I get my degree. I decided that my biggest wish is to be a fulltime blogger. Because honestly, blogging about fashion is really the thing I love to do most.  But.. since I don't have millions of followers in order for me to live of my blog, and I have to pay rent and food I still have to work unfortunately. So I'm making the choice to work part-time and work on my blog the rest of the week. This means that I can finally dedicate a good amount of time on my blog.

So what is going to happen after three weeks?
Well I'm going to change my blog completely. I bought my domain name yesterday (yeah!!). My new blog, www.Her-Phoenix.com will be a very interactive website. The website will have a lot of do-it-yourselfs, inspiration, video's and more. It will be all about how you can create your own unique style. Most of the well-known bloggers and famous style-icons look amazing wearing expensive designer outfits. But I want to show that you don't need to have a lot of money to wear clothes that no one else has. Everyone can look special using the right amount of creativity. I'm so excited about this new project that it's hard for me to concentrate on my thesis haha. I hope you will all follow me on this new HerPhoenix journey. I will pour my everything in it to create something amazing for you all <3 I hope I will get my new website ready soon because I hate letting you wait. I hope I didn't lose you all with my long absence.

Never take it slow when it comes to love. You should never tame love. Fall hard, wild and intense. Love without fear of the unknown

I have so much clothes I still have to show you. Will take 100 shoots to photograph them all. But I'm totally stressed out about my final bachelor thesis so I should probably focus more on that. {(>_<)} Wearing jewellery that will be on the 'All this creativity'  webshop which I told about in my previous post. Don't forget to follow them at www.facebook.com/allthiscreativity (ᵕ.ᵕ)

Back in black and gold

Yes I am back! There are a lot of looks coming up so keep watching my blog frequently. Unfortunately I can't provide any sunny looks as I did last year in Madrid. But at least now you can all see how I look in winter.. well without 5 layers of clothes I actually wear outside that means, and without heels because of the snow. I also have other special news! I'm the biggest fan of unique jewellery as you all know. I'm working together on a new project with the facebook community 'All this creativity' who post the sickest fashion, music, art and photography inspiration. We will open a webshop very soon with the most amazing rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. I'm wearing some jewellery on these pictures that will be available on the webshop! Now you can finally get the 'hard to find' jewellery that I always kept a secret. So follow www.facebook.com/allthiscreativity and stay tuned (ு८ு)

I'm just going to keep calling and texting you until you understand how normal I am

 I'm not a winter person at all. I don't like cold weather, grey sky, jackets, coats and everything else in my closet that doesn't scream summer.  Besides that I strongly dislike to be pale. When I say this to my boyfriend he immediately points out: 'But you're white!!". Even though I cannot deny that fact, I still like to believe that the sun kissed tanned skin I have after baking in the sun for some days, is my natural skin colour... A girl can dream8-)
Have to study now though! I'm actually way to busy to make pictures, edit them and post them but I could not say no to myself (I have no study/work discipline whatsoever). <3

Instagram - New shoes preview

I could not wait until Saturday (planning to make new pictures then) to show my new bone heels! You either totally adore them or totally despise them. I love extreme crazy shoes and I've always wanted shoes with a bone heel. ♥‿♥

Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are. And where you wanna be.

I have a fear of making decisions. I'm not good in deciding/choosing. I have that problem with small unimportant things as in not knowing which picture to choose for on my blog or with not knowing if I should buy something (very ridiculous obviously). But also with very important decisions. Especially when it involves other people. I never want to let people down or hurt them in some way. So I always ignore the necessity to decide. I stick with a certain situation just so I won't have to decide. But the irony is that it's actually also a decision not to decide.. without knowing it. So with ignoring the important decisions in life, you decide not to do anything about it. Because of this I tend to get and stay in unpleasant situations. This sounds stupid of course but for me the fear of not knowing what will happen if I choose the wrong path looks worse inside my head then the actual unpleasant situation it selves. Such a mental prison right. It's always really difficult to change state of minds. At least I have a new challenge for 2013. Let's do this 8-)