Blair: Those butterflies... have got to be murdered #GossipGirl

Just a quick, easy look of the day. I was wearing this yesterday but didn't find the time to post it yet. Love my new vintage shirt, the fabric is just lovely when the sun hits it. Lots of hearts

7 opmerkingen:

  1. shirt look great
    and shoes of course..
    love the necklace

  2. love it sooo much that shirt goes so well with the rope necklace, i just looked through your blog wow love your style!

    xo heatherheartsfashion

  3. What a fantastic top, love the texture it creates.

    You have fab style,ive added your blog to my blogroll

    Rianna xxxx

  4. Oh dear, thanks for the comment on my blog =)

    You look beautiful, lovely!
    I love your blog, I'm your fan.
    success =*

  5. you rock girl !
    Love the shoes and always your hair hahah.

    new post there check out