If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Now is the time for guts.

It's fall... I still have to cope with the fact that I cannot walk around with bare legs any more. My daily looks consists out of leggings, boots and vintage blouses. I'm not looking forward to cold and snow. I hate the fact so much that I cannot post more frequently on my blog. I'm trying my best to come with a solution so I can provide more pictures on a regular basis. Besides the fact that I don't have a official photographer... yet... (lets think positive), the weather is terrible most of the time. I get home every day from my intern ship when it's almost dark... so only the weekend is left to make pictures. But today I could finally make some photos. I'm wearing my new boots!! (love them) with a vintage blouse and some gold jewellery. A simple outfit for a casual weekend. My bf could convince me to make pictures on a totally different location then normally. Have to try something new. I tend to stick with safe options haha.

Be the sort of person that when people see you wearing army pants and flip-flops, they go buy army pants and flip-flops

I truly dislike people who use the phrases: 'white pants are so NOT this season'. Or even worse: 'You should throw away this or that because it's soo not fashionable at this moment'. Every year, season, phase, moment, people are asking themselves or others: 'what is the trend now, what should I buy&wear!?'. Every magazine is full with the new 'HOT items' and the 'YOU SHOULD WEAR THIS AND NOTHING ELSE' screaming titels with pretty pictures that force you to spend hundreds of euros because THEY say it's fashion right now. Of course they tell you to throw away half of your closet and of course they come with new fashion trends every few months because else you wouldn't spend money. But I believe you should flip this process around.. You should not let people tell you what to wear... You should wear your own style with so much confidence and comfort that people want to have your mojo. A lot of times when I go shopping the people I'm with say: noo that item is horrible. I always response with: I'm going to buy it and I know you will love it! And almost every time in the end when I wear it they say: 'well I would never wear it but you can pull it off'. I truly believe that when you have the confidence you can wear EVERYTHING. You can make the weirdest fashion combination and still look awesome.

LOOK: Wearing this amazing brand MINKPINK. Wearing it with dr. Martens -> Since my intern ship I've been wearing only these on a daily basis and my heels are standing sad in my closet,