In today's disposable culture, we throw away people like we do razors, always assuming there's someone better out there to hang out with

I pushed a camera in my best friends hands so I could show the crush I have on this new shirt. It's the god Ganesha, god of wisdom who protects and helps people who face difficulties on their (life)journey. He's the protector of all travellers. I hope he gives me some guidance on my path to. I'm finally wearing my wildfox wing earrings. They remind me of Erykah Baduh who has these insane (10 times bigger) wing earrings. (google and be amazed8-) If it's not raining tomorrow I will make new pictures<33

The way mystery can be so very sticky and tricky.

 Eline: Blouse/Vintage, Legging/H&M, Necklace/H&M, Bracelets/Ebay, Rings/Random, Shoes/Gift
Katchiri: Jacket/Random, Shirt/Bershka, Legging/H&M, Shoes/Cafe moda, Necklace/Random, Earrings/H&M

The looks I promised you! Katchiri and I faced the cold for you guys. It looks so much warmer then it actually was haha. This is what we wear underneath a big ass winter jacket, scarf and gloves. As you can see, we're both a fan of the ombre/dip-dye hair. We totally match8-) 
Hope I can shoot soon again<3 Lots of love