I'm still a life!! haha been so busy with everything that I really didn't have any time. But I'm planning to make some, so you will see some new looks soon. These pieces are absolutely my favourite. I found these and putted them in a list together. Lots of hearts

Chuck: Things were getting a little bit dull around here #gossipgirl

Just a quick look to show my new vintage blouse. I adore the details on it, especially the back and the sleeves that shows a map. I just have to say that I see my blog as a personal diary, not as a 'fashion' blog. I'm not fond of the word 'fashion' because I don't see myself or my style like that. I don't believe that I should dress to be 'different' and to prove people that I'm 'unique'. Style comes from self expression, it should be the mirror of your inner being, your happiness, your sadness, your problems and your love. Your style should not be your 'mask'. 

Chuck: There's something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be violated. #gossipgirl

Posting a new look today yeah. It was a crazy busy week and next week will only get worse because my last exams are knocking at the door. Bought this military jacket in a vintage shop and even though I don't wear it that much I still love it. The gold details and the grey in combination to the blue. Hope you all had a lovely week! I'm now going to drink some tea, watch Naruto with my love (new obsession since Gossip girl ended for the season) and of course some Ben & Jerry's. Lots of hearts

Inspiration collar

Found these amazing collars and have to say.. they are really inspiring! Think I will start a DIY project soon even though I'm way to impatient and busy for that. The first collars are from Eleven Object, they are just too cool, but unfortunately really pricey. The second ones are called Cabinet Allure collar. Have to get back to my school work now, 2 weeks left of this school year so have to pull it together!

Chuck: Women like to pretend they're complicated. I know better. #gossipgirl

 I shoot a quick look today. It was soo hot outside but it was just about to storm. Wearing my new YSL shirt today. My love and I are collectors and now happy owners of the black, white and since a week this green/blue YSL shirt. Lucky for me that she shares his closet with me. Lots of hearts