Never fight negativity with negativity

Something on my mind lately: There are always people who will do everything in their power to make other people miserable.. so that they feel a little less miserable. Most people do this subtle and unconsciously. They try to talk you down, make you feel less secure about yourself. They just cannot help themselves giving comments that de-motivate you. There are also people though who try to make your life a less amazing place on purpose. They are realllly unhappy and insecure and might have serious mental issues. They live on revenge, regret, pain and doubt. They try to force you into regret pain and doubt as well so they do not feel alone. This is extremely dangerous. No matter how strong and confident you are.. they will try to brainwash you at some point and they usually succeed. We should never.. ever allow them to spread any negativity in our lives. Never fight them with negativity.. because then they will win. They want you to be unhappy, irritated and angry about their actions. Ignore their asses and laugh about them. You should take action though when they are actual psychos that don't stop making your life hell but you should never let this affect your emotions, feelings, motivation.... life ( this is really difficult obviously ). People can only make you feel miserable when you allow them to, never forget this!

Don't you dare, for one more second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are.

The promised look with my new shoes!! I could convince my sweet friend Kimberley to shoot these pictures. I'm wearing my new JC'S and a vintage blouse. Summer finally arrived in Holland. Will make some new pictures in the weekend!

Scandalous inner goddess

Meet my lovely beautiful friend Katchiri.  Just love her tattoos and her outfit!