That awkward moment when you realize you've shared too much private information but you just can't stop talking.

Photo credit: Efrain

I actually have a lot of the 'I say to much things you actually should not know about' awkward moments. I'm a person who talks a lot and doesn't really know when to shut up. A few drinks multiplies this. After a couple of cocktails(even 1 has lots of impact) I suddenly feel totally comfortable to tell things I would normally keep to myself (locked away in a secret dark place in my body). The day after I always wonder; shit, what kind of secrets did I shared last night!?. Do you know that awkward feeling?
The weather is currently amazing in Madrid by the way!!!! Tomorrow will be 30 degrees and I could not be happier. I'm a total obsessive emotional sun lover and the next days will be filled with enjoying the most out of it -> Park, swimmingpool, more park. I'm also in desperate need of a tan with all the skirts, shorts and bikinis.

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  1. Omg you are so perfect! I adore the outfit and you have such a great body!!! <33

  2. waow! your skirt is so beautiful!!! i love the tank top too! you look so beautiful!

  3. beautifullll