Nothing makes a women more beautiful then the believe she is beautiful

I actually currently have to study for an exam tomorrow but I couldn't focus because I wanted to send this blog post! I'm excited for tomorrow because after the exam a friend is coming to visit me until sunday. I've planned some amazing things for those days! I want you all to know me a little better since I never write a lot of personal things on my blog. These random facts can give you some understanding in my personality and way of living:

- I’m a hopeless passionate person who believes in true love, and would sacrifice everything for this. I fiend and crave for love and always wear my heart on my sleeve. I would spend every dime I  have left for that one romantic love story.
- I’m very impatient. If I want something then I want it now.
- I tend to look at people really intense. Some people can get intimidated or uncomfortable because of this and always ask; “why are you looking at me like that”.
- I always over analyse everything. I’m always trying to figure out the ‘why, why, why’.
- I’m a really difficult annoying eater. I only want to eat what I at the moment feel like eating.
- I’m always optimistic and truly believe that every dream can come true, that you create your own reality. I try to motivate everyone in my surroundings to think positive.
- I only choose to surround myself with ambitious, positive, motivating and inspiring people. You become who you associate yourself with.
- I’ve been doing martial arts for more then 10 years
- I’m always watching series/movies, working on my blog, looking for inspiration in the middle of the night. Sometimes I only sleep 4 hours because I’m so occupied on my laptop.
- I'm extremely obsessed with the thousands series I watch on the internet and get really emotional and passionate when I watch them. Vampire Diaries is definitely one of the best and I truly wish to spend the rest of my life married with Damon. 
- I cannot watch Horror movies cause I will be to scared to sleep for the next half year. If I watch movies then I'm not an observer sitting on a couch but I really feel like I'm IN the movie.
- I cannot sit still when I hear a song I like. I'm always dancing and singing along, no matter where I am. 
- When I go out with my best friends Cindy and Renee I only bring 1 euro for the wardrobe and the toilet. I can't and don't spend my money on alcohol. I don't need alcohol at all to dance like a crazy person and to have the best time.
- If I'm in a club and an amazing song is playing I don't want to be interrupted to talk. I will ignore every guy that comes up because I'm at that moment feeling like the professional background dancer from Beyonce.
- I realllllly dislike the smell of cigarette smoke.

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  1. Wow! We have so much in common. Only difference are the annoying eater, martial arts and sleeping bit. Ahahhah funny ;) And love the outfit btw

  2. Omg I swear you are my ultimate crush! You are so gorgeous and your outfits/pictures are always so perfect!! Totally love this one!!!
    That is so cool that you do martial arts!! I'm glad I got to know more about you :)

  3. Nice outfit!

  4. I love this outfit! so perfect! I'm to know more about your personality now!

  5. love this sweet outfit!
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