Put your freakum dress on

 Photo credit: Efrain

Hold out your back, time to impress. Pull out your freakum dress
Every woman got one, shut it down when the time's come
Pull out the big gun, Put your freakum dress on
When you put it on it's an invitation, when they play your the song get on up and shake it
Spin it all around then take it to the ground
Work it out on your man you don't have to waste it.

I want you to meet my freakum dress. This is the dress I put on when I have a special day/night planned and I want to feel and look great. I actually have two freakum dresses, both red. I bought this one a while ago from Asos and I'm still so in love with it.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. LOVE your ombre hair! The cutout dress is pretty too!

  2. Your freakum dress is HOT!

    You look great.

    And wow your ombre hair fits you so well. It looks awesome.


  3. HOT hot hot!!! I love it on you!!!!

  4. So sexy your dress!! I love it!!

    I am your new follower! ;)