Sometimes you need to step outside, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are. And where you wanna be.

I have a fear of making decisions. I'm not good in deciding/choosing. I have that problem with small unimportant things as in not knowing which picture to choose for on my blog or with not knowing if I should buy something (very ridiculous obviously). But also with very important decisions. Especially when it involves other people. I never want to let people down or hurt them in some way. So I always ignore the necessity to decide. I stick with a certain situation just so I won't have to decide. But the irony is that it's actually also a decision not to decide.. without knowing it. So with ignoring the important decisions in life, you decide not to do anything about it. Because of this I tend to get and stay in unpleasant situations. This sounds stupid of course but for me the fear of not knowing what will happen if I choose the wrong path looks worse inside my head then the actual unpleasant situation it selves. Such a mental prison right. It's always really difficult to change state of minds. At least I have a new challenge for 2013. Let's do this 8-)

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  1. you two are so cute and i love both looks! coordinate!

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  3. Merci!

    Ik vind de combinatie van de witte blouse en broek met de gouden sieraden echt prachtig.