EXCITING NEWS to tell !!

As you all know I haven't been blogging properly. I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis and totally stressing about it because my deadline is in three weeks! This also means that I finish school in three weeks. I've been thinking a lot about what I really want to do after I get my degree. I decided that my biggest wish is to be a fulltime blogger. Because honestly, blogging about fashion is really the thing I love to do most.  But.. since I don't have millions of followers in order for me to live of my blog, and I have to pay rent and food I still have to work unfortunately. So I'm making the choice to work part-time and work on my blog the rest of the week. This means that I can finally dedicate a good amount of time on my blog.

So what is going to happen after three weeks?
Well I'm going to change my blog completely. I bought my domain name yesterday (yeah!!). My new blog, www.Her-Phoenix.com will be a very interactive website. The website will have a lot of do-it-yourselfs, inspiration, video's and more. It will be all about how you can create your own unique style. Most of the well-known bloggers and famous style-icons look amazing wearing expensive designer outfits. But I want to show that you don't need to have a lot of money to wear clothes that no one else has. Everyone can look special using the right amount of creativity. I'm so excited about this new project that it's hard for me to concentrate on my thesis haha. I hope you will all follow me on this new HerPhoenix journey. I will pour my everything in it to create something amazing for you all <3 I hope I will get my new website ready soon because I hate letting you wait. I hope I didn't lose you all with my long absence.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Success :D


  2. Super leuk dat je dit besloten hebt! Ben echt benieuwd naar hoe je blog eruit komt te zien. Ik ben ongeveer hetzelfde van plan eigenlijk :) Ik zou nu ook mijn scriptie moeten schrijven, maar ja 3 dagen per week stage bij een hoedenlabel wat totaal niks met mijn scriptie te maken heeft (goed bezig!) dus ik heb er gewoon geen tijd voor. Begin over twee weken waarschijnlijk aan mijn scriptie. Heel veel succes met het afronden van de jouwe en met je blog!

    XX Red Sonja

  3. ik volg je al een lange tijd, en ben heel blij dat je dit gaat doen :D

  4. Success! en ik kijk er naar uit! Want jouw stijl is echt geweldig! :D


  5. Hee hee dame! :)

    Super leuk jou reactie op mijn reactie hier, haha! We laten ze zeker een poepie ruiken! Eerst nog even scriptie schrijven... Haha :)


  6. Superleuk! Ik heb je net gevonden via linkedin. Er stond dat ik jou misschien kende maar ik heb echt geen idee waarvan haha ;) Nauwja, leuke blog! Xxxx


  7. i can wait to see how your new site will be!!! Good luck for your thesis!!!

    Dear Inès

  8. What's your thesis about? I totally understand what you're going through. Thinking of thesis topic ideas would really take your time away from blogging, but it's all rewarding in the end when you get your degree. Good luck with your thesis and your new blog!