Ibiza part 1

  Bought this amazing new necklace on a market in Ibiza
This guy wanted to pose with me for the picture and just didn't want to get out of the way. To funny.
                                                            The PR ladies for pacha.
                                                          Selling jewellery at the beach
                                   I was trying on this cute top that a lady was selling on the beach
                                                        Enjoying this Amazing juice!!!!!

This was part 1 of my amazing Ibiza trip. I can't thank my lovely friend Melissa enough for letting me stay with her, making this adventure happen and for taking these cute pictures! Stay tuned for the next part.                                                

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks like lots of fun!!!! You look gorgeous as usual <3

  2. Wow these photos are awesome! The funniest one was definitely the one with the guy wanting to pose.

    It seems like it was a lot of fun and Ibiza seems cool.


  3. Ziet er leuk uit!


  4. really nice photos. seems u have a great time.

  5. These pictures are wonderful my dear !! You look beautiful really, I love the black top and your necklace so much ! The lipstick you're wearing is fantastic too !!! Kisses xxxxxx

  6. WOW this pictures are so wonderful!!!
    I want to visit this place...

    xoxo Iren

  7. oeeeh mag ik vragen waar je bikini vandaan komt? NICE!