New blog chapter

First official Dutch post. I'm trying to readjust to the colder weather but cannot leave my short tops in the closet. For this reason I immediately got a cold the second day I arrived haha. Coming home feels like I never left, everything is still the same. Madrid feels like a vague memory. As if I had a crazy, long, intense and real dream last night and just woke up. It feels so long ago looking back at all the sunny, half naked, pictures, but it hasn't even been a week, crazy!
It's so much more difficult to make good pictures in Holland because of the weather. I prefer to only make pictures when there is sun but this makes the blogger job so much more difficult. I'm going to experiment some more with my blog. Tyson(the photographer and life companion who convinced me to start this blog in the first place) and I are currently in the creative brainstorm phase on how we are going to continue. We are thinking of making a lot of studio photography. But I also want to keep making pictures outside. Just want to be more crazy, out of the box (there is no box in my head!!). Well.. whatever is going to happen, it's going to be full of our love for creativity and imagination. I want to thank you all so much for watching, reading and commenting on my blog. I have so much love for all of you. Stick with us because we're in this amazing journey together<3<3

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  1. Ik heb hetzelfde gevoel, ik ben ook net terug in Nederland!
    Het is inderdaad alsof je nooit bent geweest.

    xx Laura

  2. your blog is really amazing!!

  3. Prachtige foto! Welkom terug in nederland hihi

    Join my win-party!

  4. Welcome home my dear;))
    Waiting for your outfits;))

    xoxo Iren

  5. Succes ermee , ben er wel benieuwd naar :D

  6. Love the pants!