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Ibiza part 2! Again amazing pictures from my lovely friend Melissa. Bought this amazing vintage blouse that gives me the feeling of a kimono.

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  1. Oooh this is a lovely blouse sweetie !!! I can't read the letters sorry :) ! Love your earrings too ! You're so pretty, great pics of your friend !

  2. Ziet er weer super uit!

  3. Ur hair looks amazing, and photos are so good

  4. ben echt jaloers op jouw bruine kleur! :)

  5. je bent echt een inspiratie voor mij!
    hou van je looks!

    X mirjam

  6. This blouse is so cool, love it!!! And love the title btw

  7. i actually thought it was a kimono. gorgeous!

  8. wow dress is amazing :)
    love it :)

    visit my blog

    I follow your blog now :)

  9. hello^^ nice too meet u
    I come from Taiwan, and i'm not good at English T^T. about the two words on your chest means the dragon sword. ((
    the first letter means "dragon" in Chinese, the right pronunction of the word is "long"
    and the second letter means "sword" in Chinese, the pronunction is "jian".

    hope u can understand what i'm talking about.