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Good evening (at least writing this in Amsterdam) my lovely HerPhoenix readers. Hope you're doing well? Made these two pictures while shopping with my guy. I was wearing this vintage jacket which I found for only 8 euro's in a small vintage shop. It reminds me of a chanel vintage jacket, the details are just stunning. I was wearing this animal print vintage blouse under the jacket with some casual shoes underneath. I tend to wear uncomfortable shoes a lot, even my 'casual' black vintage boots are not so pain free and delighted,. so it felt heavenly to walk around with these. I will post a detailed photo of them another day because I didn't get all the pictures yet. Something that you may not know about my guy is that sometimes I believe he is even more addicted to shoes than I am (..really..). He is on shoe-hunt on the internet 24/7 and knows all the important updates. I think that I'm going to do a post about his obsession with some pictures of the pieces that I love the most. He has for example amazing animal print dr, martens. I wish I could rock those, but they are just to big to walk on a daily basis. It's amazing that I can share my love for clothing with him. And with my dad!! If you would see his closet then you would know where my clothing addiction comes from. Every time that I visit him he shows my all the new items that he bought. He can match clothes like not a lot of dad's can. Besides that he always inspires me and provides me items form his own collection like (military)jackets and jewellery, isn't that great!?

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  1. I love the animal print vintage blouse!! So great!

  2. OMG Eline, your vintage jacket is adorable!!
    Gorgeous blog and photos and hurray for your BF for sharing your addiction for fashion.

    Big love

  3. The first picture is so amazing!*
    Love your necklace & jacket!*

    I always enjoy reading your comments =) you're the best!* My secret on how to keep my don't buy anything & everything vow? Don't buy anything unless i am utterly and absolutely in love with it...And even so still I ask myself if I will actually wear it, if it's wearable for more than 2 seasons and if i'd die if I don't have it =)

    Usually works...It takes practice so don't worry =P


  4. Oooh Eline, you're so beautiful on the first picture !!! Love your jacket this is amazing as usual !! And the blouse too is gorgeous ! I like the animal prints so much !!!

    I am fine thanks a lot dear, what about you ? <3

    Have a good day love !


  5. Je outfit is prachtig. Ik ben altijd een beetje huiverig met wit in de winter maar jij laat het tegenovergestelde zien, het kan goed! :)

    Bedankt voor je positieve vibe op mn blog!

  6. I like Ur blog and I follow U from now on. I hope U will check mine, and follow me back. :)