Autumn brings that grey vibe

Do you know the feeling of looking in your closet full of (awesome) clothes and suddenly not liking any of it? Well that's the feeling I have with my autumn closet. Last year I was wearing black in combination with more black, leather, all day every day but it just doesn't feel right this year. I want to be able to wear bare legs and lots of white!! Dresses, skirts, shorts with heels..., yeah lovely. But when it gets colder, rainy, grey, and later on snowy I'm forced to leave all those wonderful items in the closet. And when the winter gets really bad, then you can only wear ugly shoes because of the persistent snow and layers on the layers of your layers to keep that body warm. And yes this is quit depressing but..... it also means a new challenge. Yeah I think you understand where I'm getting at. It's time to change the depressing autumn/winter closet! This means renewing and restyling old pieces but (unfortunately for my wallet) also buying some new pieces. My first warm/winterish item was this blue sweater. I've actually always hated sweaters, I just can't seem to feel feminine in it, but I think it should be possible.. Victoria (from: wears it all the time and looks quit sexy in it so I guess I just have to find the right way to pull it off. The black/white jacket on top is also new. Bought it as an anti-winter piece, ready for the next summer. Made an extra shot of my jewellery just because I love the rabbit ring so much. And I have to admit that I cannot leave the door without my YSL rings. I just saw a picture of some new YSL rings with some crazy colours, craving for them now of course.

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  1. I so understand what you mean about winter and clothing!! love what you have created here though and loving your accesories!! x

  2. Amazing pictures as always!*
    Love the rings & the new sweater doll!*
    You styled it great =)


  3. my glorious LADY!
    you are incredible and could wear a potato sack AND BE AMAZING!!!!!!!
    I must be a total MAN then because I couldn't live without my sweaters, and darling this is perfect, you will make the seasons wish they could move with you! BUT WHERE IS YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE MY LOVE HUH?????

    ahahal loovee to you darling, OH and my final hand-in was on friday SO this means I am thinking/packing/stressing/dreaming about my Europe trip, I take off next next Sunday and am on a high already, I hope to be travelling through Paris-Amsterdam around the last days of November!Will fill you in soon my love I hope you are well, you must spread the goss as soon as possible!!!! <333333

  4. My beauty !!

    This outfit is as gorgeous as you are !!! Your rings are a perfection on earth !!! And do not worry, in a sweater you'll look sooooo beautiful, just like on the first picture my dear !!

    Have a good evening !

    Love xxx

  5. Love all of these details, you are amazing! xo

    April Lyn

  6. LOVE the rings and grey tone!

    <3 Vega