Blair and chuck got to come together at some point and have little Chuck babies in bow ties.

We made some pictures inside for ones. With the sun leaving us so early, it's more convenient for the lazy us to just take pictures sitting on a nice cosy warm bed. And it's nice to see a change for once right!. I never told you but I kinda have a big love for bow ties. I hardly ever wear them I know.. but I do adore them a lot. I most of the time prefer to wear jewellery on top of my blouses but I think I have to diverse sometimes.  Wearing the lovely casual shoes which I talked about in my last post. I'm so craving to buy myself Dr.Martens but I have to save my money for a camera. I'm not the type to 'save money' so I have to stay strong haha. They will be mine soon though. <:-)

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I love this outfit! so chuck bass :) i do love a bowtie but not too sure i would end up pulling it off like you do


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit doll!*
    You look amazing!*


  3. Amazing colors and
    p.s I love your eyebrows)))

  4. ok. i'm falling in love with your bag! really nice one! and I adore your style. how beautiful you are. follow:)

  5. de combinatie tussen jouw haar en de strik is erg stijlvol! En is dat een paardrijbroek wat je draagt? Lijkt er veel op. Erg mooi weer!

  6. Love the bow and that bag is amazing.

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  7. OMG my sweetiiiie ! This is sooo stylish love it so much !!! The bow tie is cute and too !! Love this preppy style on you !!!
    Hope you're doing well dear friend ! <3


  8. I like your style. Lovely blog!
    Cute Bow Tie.