Chuck: There's something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be violated. #gossipgirl

Posting a new look today yeah. It was a crazy busy week and next week will only get worse because my last exams are knocking at the door. Bought this military jacket in a vintage shop and even though I don't wear it that much I still love it. The gold details and the grey in combination to the blue. Hope you all had a lovely week! I'm now going to drink some tea, watch Naruto with my love (new obsession since Gossip girl ended for the season) and of course some Ben & Jerry's. Lots of hearts

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  1. Loveee the jacket!! Doesnt matter if you dont wear it all the time ;) its worth it!! Im gonna follow you now, thanks for your comments on my blog too! X

  2. you just kill me a million times with your genuine beautiful self. I will wait for the moment we get on that bus and trek over to Paris, I think it will be distant dream for now, but what a beautiful dream darling, you made my day and you still do!!!!
    This look is sensational, I would steal that military jacket off you in a blink, it is very much I would hunt for, You are too effortless darling, flawless and so simple! I am wishing you all the best of luck and all my best wishes with you, you must fill me in on gossip soon, I do hope the studies are not taking there toll, I have been on break for a week now and feel like I NEED to be studying, it's so strange, but feels much lighter suddenly!!! lot's of love to you darling and YES we will do it as will you!!!cannot wait to sunbake, act totally cool and buy amazing things we probably cannot afford :))))) lot's of love my darling <3

  3. Naruto...ahahhahahhah.... I used to watch Naruto when i worked for an advertising agency..we hd to choose parts from each episode to make a chips' ad for children..well.. good timea :P
    This is a cool jacket, lovely colors..and i very much like your shoes..
    kisses darling :)

  4. Your jacket is amazing! Love the shoes too!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  5. Gorgeous jacket! Love the gold details!



  6. love your military jacket and her SHOES, aaaah gorgeous! *-*