Chuck: Things were getting a little bit dull around here #gossipgirl

Just a quick look to show my new vintage blouse. I adore the details on it, especially the back and the sleeves that shows a map. I just have to say that I see my blog as a personal diary, not as a 'fashion' blog. I'm not fond of the word 'fashion' because I don't see myself or my style like that. I don't believe that I should dress to be 'different' and to prove people that I'm 'unique'. Style comes from self expression, it should be the mirror of your inner being, your happiness, your sadness, your problems and your love. Your style should not be your 'mask'. 

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  1. I adore this idea:) So perfect love the top
    i followed you- please check out my blog and follow me back if youd like to stay in contact!

  2. ahh love this outfit <3 x

  3. Love this look , amazing black hair with blue eyes.
    pretty wolf haha love that.


  4. Your eyes look amazing with the green tones of this vintage blouse!
    I agree with you that style is all about self expression!

  5. hello i just found your blog dear and it's really amazing!!i can't stop reading it,i really loved all of your posts but especially this one is amazing!!and the shirt is adorable
    you have a new follower!kisses dear :)