New bought items Paris

These are the items I bought in Paris. White bag with gold details, the blue shoes with gold back and a gold with blue necklace. I'm currently obsessed with these items. The heels are absolutely delicious and so comfy. It's the first time that I bought heels which are suitable to walk on for more than a few hours. I love to wear heels, but I'm such a pussy to rock them. The only items that are not on the list are my new amazinggg ( in love ) YSL ring and the YSL shirt my boyfriend bought. I will show them on a new topic ( I was to lazy to make a great picture of them haha ) I was actually not planning to buy something at all! But hey, when you're in Paris, and the moment you do not look for items, they just come your way, screaming at you; heey I belong to you, buy me, buy me. And then they win you over and your boyfriend says; ooeh you need to get these, and then you're sold haha.

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  1. those shoes... that bag... it is all too stunning! i think i should probably get on a plane right now for a shopping trip to paris