My short break, visiting Paris with my love, was absolutely an amazing and inspiring experience. We saw impressive buildings, statues, beautiful gardens and had some delicious meals. Best of all; we visited the most astonishing shops! Always wanted to go to Givenchy, Yves Saint Lauren, Lanvin, Miu Miu and well.. this list could go for hours. We visited them all and bought some few items. We also found two amazing vintage stores where they sell precious items like vintage chanel and hermes bags and dazzling vintage shoes. This was the outfit I wore in Paris, always important to wear comfortable shoes visiting a city like this.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. it is the most perfect outfit for walking the great city

  2. You look fabulous and sounds like the trip was wonderful,,hope you post more pictures!*


  3. I could write up another long spill of just how amazing you are, how amazing this look is - so polished and chic by the way - and how inspiring it is to me. HOWEVER, that would just be unnecessary as you know this already and I KNOW that you are just more phenomenal with each post. This shirt is another to my collection, there is something about black and white bold stripes that breaks my heart, such a gorgeous outfit, so smart with the shoes, and ohh sooo Paris!!! love love xx