Chuck: I need you, Blair. Like I never have before. #gossipgirl

Wearing the new shoes, necklace and bag. I just love wearing white with gold. My other obsession, instead of clothes, has to be Gossip Girl. Monday is like my favorite day because the new episode comes out. Can't wait for tomorrow morning to wonder of in their world. Now I'm heading back to my desk, to study. Busy week!

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  1. I love it ! You are very beautiful !


  2. I LOVE your style! I live in Amsterdam as well, studying international Communications you go to InHolland? xo

  3. white is the new black.. loved your new bag, but i'm not brave enough to buy white bag, i'm to clumsy..
    love <3

  4. beautiful heels!
    i am gossip girl addicted too.. athens (where i live) new episodes come out on Saturdays.. so i spend most of my saturdays indoors (thank god its not that late)

  5. very nice!!

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  6. hello beautiful lady in white AGAIN and looking marvelous!!
    I too am so sorry I have not been dedicated enough to stalking your blog, but Uni is absolutely giving me a headache and the study is catching up with only three weeks left :( BUT BUT BUT I did watch Gossip Girl in between annddddddd O-M-G poor little Chuck and Blair. I don't know if i want her to be with him of Louis??? AND Charlie needs to LEAVE really really quickly that psycho lady!!! HA anyways, bad bad bad I should no be watching shows, or taking photos, or blogging BUT you are so worth it so I had to come here before i went back to study. You look splendid and so fresh and happy. the light and photography is brilliant and i can NOT wait for you to pass that bag along to me ;p lucky lady shopping in Paris :)))) much love my dear hope you're having a beautiful weekend!!! xoxox

  7. I love everything of this outfit, expecially your shirt and your necklace ;) but the bag is awesome too. You're really really cute!