"There are thousands of fashion blogs that blog about the exact same thing as you. What makes your blog different and better!?"

I was talking to this guy I didn't know at a party and my blog came up in the conversation. He asked me: 'There are so many fashion blogs who blog about the exact same thing as you, what makes you different, what makes you special, what makes you better then the others'. This question really got me thinking. I was analysing myself and my blog to answer those questions. I came to the realization that I'm not different, more unique or better then other fashion blogs. But then, what's wrong with that!? Why always the pressure to be better, to be unique, to be different. I think this pressure is common to a lot of other bloggers. The need to distinct yourself from others. To be special, to be original so you will get known.. But then if you try so hard to stand out, to be different you will lose track of yourself. It's impossible to be yourself any more if you're gonna focus on the need to be different.. And in the end.. being yourself that's all that matters about a blog in my eyes. After doubting myself and thinking of strategies to become the best and most original blogger of them all I decided that I'm good enough how I am at this moment! I'm just me, Eline -> herPhoenix and I'm gonna stay that way. And if that means that I'm not the most special blogger out there, then I'm fine with that.

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  1. Wow, great text, you inspire me from your hart.
    I've been thinking about this to yesterday, I came up with some theory's about the blog. I thought a succesful blogger has got four things 1. Style (made her own) 2. Personality 3. Good photographs
    4. A good story. I also thought that having money to buy the most wanted shoes should increase the succesfullness of the blog. But now I read you story and I'm so thankful you posted it. It's indeed not about being outstanding, you are be outstanding when you are yourself, because there's only one person on earth that is you, you're unique. Thank you, you inspire me!

  2. Meid je hebt zo gelijk, vind het erg tof dat je dit zo neerzet! en precies zo zou iedereen moeten denken.. Maar je maakt al het verschil dat jij wel zo denkt :) En je ziet er weer prachtig uit!


  3. Hi dear !!

    First you're absolutely lovely in those shorts !!! Love them <3
    Then, I read your text and wanted to tell you that to me you're really unique, I have never found someone like you in other blogs, you have got such a unique style, your clothes are amazing and so original ! It suits you so well ! You have your own style which I never saw in any other blog ! That is why your blog is better than others :D


  4. I totally agree with you!

    Stay true to yourself. ;)

    Awesome printed shorts by the way :)


  5. Nice post doll!*
    You're totally right, being yourself is all that matters =)
    Love your blog!*


  6. I like your blog so much!!! And always reading)) welcome to mine!

    xoxo Iren

  7. Nice answer! It's very inspiring!

  8. I personally think that your blog is amazing! You are so gorgeous and your style is different (in a positive way of course) and so unique !! You inspire me a lot to be myself and not being afraid to wear what I like!! <3

  9. Nice.. but I think you are different, you have your very own unique style and your gorgeous! as long as you believe in yourself ;)

  10. I love your outfit. The skirt, necklace and shoes are amazing! Love your blog too btw! X

  11. Don't think about it, just do what you are doing! you are good at it. And cute))))