Outsiders.... turns out we're the secret weapons

Today was the last day of class at the Universidad de Europea de Madrid.... aaaah cannot believe how fast 4 months has gone. I finished all my exams and handed in all my portfolios. Now a month of holiday ahead of me before going back to Holland. As I already told you.., tomorrow is the day I leave to Portugal for a week! I have to leave in like 4 hours to the airport. So excited! But before I leave I wanted to post a new look. Wanted to show these levi shorts for a long time. Scored it for only 8 euro in this great vintage shop. I also posted a behind-the-scenes picture of me and my friend efrain who made all of my latest photo's. The last picture is a personal one where you can see my first experience with riding on a longboard. It was amazing!!!! Would love to do that everyday in sunny weather in the park, just experience freedom and relaxation.

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