Birthday present from my love

Good morning dears. Excited to show you what just came in my mailbox! My guy gave me the original JC lita's and I'm so happy with them. I've always still wanted the originals because they can be matched with every outfit. I wanted to get these heels to wear on a daily basis and not being afraid for it to get dirty. I also bought the most amazing white fur jacket. Going to make a look with them soon. I've been looking for a white fur jacket for ages and I'm thrilled I finally found it. Madrid is full with amazing vintage shops so I feel like I'm in vintage heaven. It's only dangerous for my wallet and I have no idea how I'm going to get all those clothes home after 5 months. That's going to be a total suitcase nightmare.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. What an amazing gift, he's a keeper! Can't wait to see the white fur jacket, however you style it up will be amazing

    Rianna xx

  2. Wauw, wat lief! Ik vind ze ook heel 'jou' haha.
    Ben erg benieuwd naar je white fur jacket!!

  3. Lucky you, love the litas!! Can't wait to see you rock them! :)

  4. happy birthday. the box is so cute. the shoes are lovely. x

  5. love the Litas!! :)

  6. Wow, my congratulation to you!!!!
    I have the same but mustard color...
    And thats great that u have so many clothes, don't be affraid of suitcase size))))

    xoxo Iren