Style is all about your own individual journey.

First of all. About this look. I bought these Dr. Martens today and I'm looking forward to finally wearing comfortable shoes. You don't want to know which shitty shoes I've been wearing lately. But that phase has ended!! + I haven't worn this shiny (vintage) 'jacket' for ages but decided to pull it out of the closet again to show it some respect.^-^

 *There were some questions and remarks on my last post. I read all your comments and they are very important to me so I want to answer a couple of questions and explain my vision on those items. Because of the length of the story you can click on the 'read more' to see the whole text. <3

First of all, I know that a lot of people are curious about where the items I show on the blog come from. I know that almost all the bloggers have a list under their pictures with the information about the clothes they are wearing but I consciously don't do it that way. I see my blog as a (very) personal style blog where I express how I think and of course what I'm wearing. My biggest wish (and reason for having this blog) is to inspire other people to embrace themselves and to find their own personal style which they feel comfortable about and dare to wear without fear. I don't want my blog to become a site full of brands and shops because for starters that gives those brands and shops profit and power. The more important bloggers have become, the more companies try to use PR by bloggers as a way to beat other companies. As an advertising student I know a little to well how this goes. I personally only want to support art and love. And second of all; I don't want my blog to be only about 'where I got it'. I believe style is all about your own individual journey. You shouldn't just want to know where people buy stuff so you can dress 'fashionable' but you should go expore it yourself. That's the most fun thing about buying clothes after all. I only wish to play the 'inspiration role' and not the 'leading role' (And as you may noticed, I wear mostly vintage. The sweater and blouse of the last picture were vintage too).

My YSL rings.., the next topic haha. I got some questions about them. When I bought them in Paris I did a post about them so a lot of you already know that they are real. But for the new visitors: they are definitely from YSL. I personally wil never wear fake brands. I believe that if you want to wear items that are obviously designed by a specific brand and even has that certain logo that you should buy the real item or you shouldn't buy it at all.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Goede layout!
    En wederom een leuke outfit.
    Ik wil nog steeds lak dr. martens.


  2. Amazing embelished jacket!

  3. My looove ! this blouse is amazing, so as your metal hairband WOW ! You're stunning once again ! About what you said sweetie, I totally agree with you about the brands and all on the blog ... I personally do it because sometimes I like to see on other blogs which brand it is because I really want the item for example ! :) And about your rings, I'm still in love with them, they totally embody you ... and I agree with you too about fake ones ! This is why I actually do not have one of them haha I can't afford it ^^ but I do not buy a fake one, they are not as amazing as the real ones !

    Hope your exams are doing well for you dear <333