If it doesn't scream FIERCE, I don't want it.

I've always loved these shoes. I personally do not wear sneakers but my boyfriend does and he has some great, special items! His size is slightly bigger than mine but I can still wear his shoes (with 3 layers of socks to fake an extra size) if I want. I just had to steal these fierce shoes and make a post about them. I just think they are so unique. I have to leave my blog again to (force myself to) study. My exams start tomorrow so I cannot post a new look for some days. So let's say; to be continued :-)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, echt te gek!!!
    Succes met je tentamens!
    xoxo www.chicfashionfreak.com

  2. AMAZING shoes !!!! wow !

    Good luck for your exams my dearest !!!!

    xoxo love

  3. OmG!* Those are crazy -a good kinda crazy!*
    Love them!*
    Good luck with exams!*


  4. These are amazing.

    Just found your blog through tumblr and I must say, you my dear, are FIERCE.

  5. WOw! ther are so cool!


  6. OMG those sneakers are fierce you need to make an outfit post with them