Pinky promise

Hey my sweethearts. First thing first... I'm really sorry for not updating properly. I feel like such a terrible blogger. But I promise you that there are a lot of looks coming up!!  Here is a picture I made with my love this weekend. Wearing a new vintage blouse with my favourite necklace. Hope you're all okay?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. what an amazing eye color?
    gorgeous shirt and necklace !
    loved it so much'!!!

  2. OMG you have such beautiful eyes! Your blouse looks great even though we don't see a full body picture! Can't wait for your future looks :)

  3. omg you're soooo beautiful, your eyes are amazing, and so as this lovely blouse !!!!! Miss you my love !!!!
    Much love xxx

  4. My loove !!

    A second comment because I wanted to tell you that I have deleted my lookbook account and going to miss you SO much ! Hopefully you have this wonderful blog that I continue to follow regularly because you're my dear ! <3

    And I carry on publishing my own looks too on my blog !!!


  5. Wauw je ogen..
    Ik vind je trouwens echt super positief en inspirerend, ik volg je nu.