Georgina: You can tell Jesus, that the bitch is back. #gossipgirl

I missed my blog damn. Finally I took a new picture. I have these amazing shoes, and I didn't even made a photo for my blog. Shame on me. I must be the worst blogger out there. I'm totally in love with them cuties. But they are white... and pretty, and the weather in Holland is grey and dirty... so I'm afraid I will get them killed brr. Any ways. I'm still a life, back in school. Kinda weird because it feels like such a strange weekly routine. I'm not in the school mood at all. But I have to stay motivated!! I'm glad that I do really like the subjects I take. Butt.. I'm just not really disciplined and focussed haha. By the way,, I have to say that I can't wait for the new gossip girl episode. I've always been secretly obsessed with the show, but the summer break was a killer. I had to find a new show to steal my time and heart. And that became pretty little liars. I'm sure everyone love or will love it. I also fancy the show 'awkward', on MTV. I think it's not a surprise when I tell you that I'm fond of staying home to watch series or to go to the cinema. Yesterday I went to 'colombiana', definitely a movie you just have to see. Well this was all the talk for today. If you want to know more about what's on my mind you can always follow my twitter: Lots of hearts

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  1. In love with your blouse and especially those stunning wedges!!! You look so gorgeous! Happy that you're back! And thank you so much for the lovely comments, you're the sweetest ♥

  2. Mooie schoenen!


  3. OMG your heels !!!!! This is so perfect my lovely !
    And this shirt is amazing too !!! you are stunning, so beautiful !!!

    Concerning my LB, I think in the next months and probably years I won't have time to continue this ! I know that I love your style, I am really a fan of yours since the beginning, but I prefer looking at your wonderful pictures and reading what you have to say on your blog ! This is more personal to me :) And I love to have a blog too, so I'll devote my time to it and try to make it good :D !

    Much love my dearest friend xoxo

  4. Cool look!

  5. Respect for taking those cuteys out there, I would be furious to ruin them!! Love the pictures, stay motivated and keep on doing what you do! Btw, PLL is my new addiction, along with Gossip Girl. Be sure to check out my blog, starting again too! :)

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love the shoes!! and necklace! (also I love GG too! and I love quotes you use on LB and here! )