Shoes with personality

Yes I love shoes, a lot, really..  to much. Doesn't matter what you're wearing, the right pair of shoes can make or break/ better say destroy, the whole look. I think that your taste in shoes, says a lot. The choice you make in the morning, to wear a certain pair of shoes can describe what you desire/wish for, or don't wish for in a day. My mood in shoes changes several times a day. Wish I could take a bag full with shoes with me each day, to change them every couple of hours.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. with personality and an entire universe of their own indeed. I'm not even able to choose ad pick I could easily say I'd have them all, at a nice cost no doubt ahaha!! great post dear, lovely selection and YES, shoes and mood should be closely classified, I wish I could be in heels all day if it were normal at uni, I can at work but it's too simple a dress code. Ohh, it's not even a fantasy to wish for them all, it should be reality HA! xxxx

  2. i love them too.and i usually notice immediately when a person wears ugly shoes..!i am following your wonderfull blog.follow back if u want.kisses :)