Nude colours

Just came back from Paris, the most amazing but exhausting day! Bought the most mind blowing things but going to tell all about it in my next post. This was my look before I went to Paris. Have to say that I love all the nude colours together. Gives me a lovely summery feeling.

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  1. ahhhhh okay, so after reading your beautiful comment to me, which kind of made me want to just hang out and goss about life, I came to this post and realised ABSOLUTELY we are meeting somewhere across the world so you can add those shorts and shirt to the collection you'll hand over to me!!!!!!!!
    ahahah definitely not creepy at all, nooo ahaha!
    ohh love, that was a really great read, you're having such an up and down time but you're so good at putting a blog together that still reflects colour and charm, I really do hope all the best for you.

    This look is just too cool, it's breezy and sophisticated, veryy you dear, nude is amazing for spring/summer, ours has finished here in Aus BUT I'll still break the rules :)))

    I wish YOU a beautiful day as it is past 2am here and I am ready to sleep. I have no life at the moment with university study so my Friday night hasbeen slow, so I do hope you have a much more exciting time and I shall sleep now :) much love dear xxxx

  2. i loved this look!all of the things u were a so beautifull.particularly ur shorts..cuties :D

  3. love this look your gorgeous in beautiful white outfit <3

  4. Zara shoes? I have one just like yours, but in grey.. <3
    btw, you're beautiful!

  5. Great sense of style, great outfit!!

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