Give me the right pair of shoes.. And I will conquer the world.

Being carried by shoes. Getting wings from shoes. This is exactly how I feel when I'm wearing amazing shoes. By wearing dreams on your feet you begin making your long life dreams happen. I will always treasure this quote, cause it feels so damn true: Give a girl the right pair of shoes.. and she can conquer the world. Most of my clothes are second hand and really cheap. This vintage blouse was 2.50 euro for example. I always spend a lot of money on shoes though, I think they are an investment in your future.(thinking like this also helps to don't feel bad about your shopping spending behaviour^^). If I wear high heels I feel so empowered. I truly feel like I can handle everything that comes my way. It gives me that extra confident.

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  1. The right pair of shoes can definitely make your way easier! I also spend much money on shoes rather than clothes for the same concept. I think it was Audrey Hepburn that said that quote I love her!

    I like your vintage shirt it goes well with the belt and those amazing shoes ;)


  2. Lovely shoes! nice heel !

  3. oh, so hot look!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love your shoes collection;)

    xoxo Iren

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