People shouldn't leave food unsupervised in my presence

Last post before my spring break trip! I was first planning to go to cadiz but the weather is going to suck there next week so we changed the destination to Valencia. Beach -> here we come! I will leave on Sunday morning and come back at Wednesday. And then at Thursday my lovely friend comes to visit me in Madrid. Can't wait to see her again! Wanted to show my other new military jacket in this post today with the white JC's. I feel like I have to take a break wearing heels on a daily basis so they can have some rest. I just got so used being tall that I feel strange without them haha. The world looks so different with some more inches.

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  1. This jacket is so amazing! Love the outfit! ♥

  2. Love it to death! Both your military looks rock my socks off!
    I'm searching for a perfect military shirt but still haven't found one :(
    Your blog is super cool, following!

    Lots of love,
    Katrina Bay

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  3. Love the shorts in combination with the JC's doll!*
    Have fun on your trip!*


  4. OMG Eline your hair !!!! This is fantastic, you look incredibly gorgeous !!! I am so sorry I have not been there for a long time, I am very busy with exams these times ! :D I love love your jacket so much and shorts !!
    You're stunning !


  5. cute ensemble Dear love the camo jacket