Happy new you.

 Happy new year, happy new you! Hope you all had a lovely day, evening and party!? My nye night can only be described as 'kinda went wrong' haha. But at least I got to spend parts of the evening with my lovely two ladyfriends. About the new year: I want my 2012 to be full with inspiration, motivation, love and happiness. That's what we all want right. And I hope I can spend more time for and with my blog. But for now I'm heading back to my bed because I'm extremely tired of yesterday haha. Lots of hearts to all.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy New Year my love !! This photo is amazing ! you are stunning, so pretty ! I love your eyes ! I wish you all good things, love, friendship, health and lot of fashion :) for this new year !!

    i am so happy I met you <3

    xoxo my dearest

  2. Happy new yeaaar!
    Ik wens je een geweldig 2012, met heeeel veel plezier in Madrid :)
    Prachtige foto trouwens!!
    xoxo www.chicfashionfreak.com

  3. I love that hairstyle on you.

    Happy New Year. Make 2012 even better.


  4. happy new year!
    ik zie je blog nu voor het eerst, wat een mooie header zeg, hij trekt echt mijn aandacht!

    liefs! ik volg je! follow back?

  5. Jou blog is zoo underexposed! Je hebt echt een geweldige blog :D