The awkward moment when everyone is looking at you and you don't know if you're fucking awesome or if you have something wrong with you

I'm thrilled to finally upload a new look. My fellow Dutch bloggers will totally agree with me that it's a horrible time to shoot pictures outside. There is hardly any light outside and the wind behaves like a woman with PMS, unpredictable and bitchy. But as a true blogger warrior, I went to battle to show this amazing new skirt. I found it in the ZARA, for sale, yes lucky me. I see myself wearing this on a daily basis when the sun comes to the rescue and bare legs are capable to survive outside, With only a week left till my Madrid adventure starts, I'm beginning to stress about all the clothes I want to bring. I have two big suitcases and one small one. I wish to bring my whole closet, which of course does not fit, so I'm currently making 'favourites lists', with all the clothes I absolutely cannot live without. Mission impossible.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Suuuper tof!
    Te gekke combi of die panty met de naad achter en Dr Martens!
    Succes met je koffer!

  2. Love the skirt doll!*
    You styled it perfectly!*


  3. Love the outfit! You rock this skirt))

  4. you look great darling and your blog is really amazing!!i love the color of your have a new follower if you want check my blog as well!
    kisses from,

  5. Super! Mooie ysl ring ook, heb er toevallig vandaag ook een besteld!

  6. ah yea het is echt vreselijk om nu buiten foto's te maken!