You cannot fake chic.

 Hallo dears!! I'm currently sitting in my lovely room in Amsterdam enjoying it for the last time. I'm moving on Saturday because of my half year living in Madrid. I have a lot of sad and happy memories to this house and I really enjoyed living here for 2,5 years. I'm flying on 29 January to Madrid but first I have 2 weeks of exams ahead of me.. not looking forward to that! But anyhow about my look: I'm wearing a vintage white see through blouse with some gold jewellery. When I first saw the blouse I was hesitating because I don't want to look to exposed with men staring like I'm running around naked seeking for attention, but I forced myself to just go for it. Nothing wrong with showing some skin. I believe that while we're still young we should break all the rules and enjoy wearing risky clothes. There is no fun in keeping it safe. When I'm old I want to look back at my life and laugh about the clothes I was wearing and be proud of the courage I showed.

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  1. Wauw wat gaaf, wat ga je in Madrid doen?
    Ik studeer nu in Segovia, een plaats een klein uurtje van Madrid vandaan.
    Dus ik ben daar ook veel te vinden! Je gaat vast een top tijd hebben :)
    Veel succes met de verhuizing in ieder geval!

  2. Amazing look!! I love the top and those shoes!!

  3. Oh this is gorgeous!

    And I want to look bad when I'm old and feel the same way.

    Lovely post.


  4. Top is beautiful! I like how toughed it up with the leather leggings and JC boots!