That she is pretty doesn't mean you're ugly

I tend to get a serious creative and artistic vibe filled with inspiration in the middle of the night so it's not a surprise to me that I'm writing this post at 2:35 in the (early) morning. First thing first: my look. I wanted to show you this new vintage blouse//top/piece. I love the fabric and pattern. I kinda feel good in clothes that make me look like a crazy painting from another century. I'm wearing a H&M sparkly legging underneath to bring the top extra power. And I thought that the legging would balance the top just because the fabrics are both so 'out there'.
Then about my title: There is so much competitive female behaviour in the world that totally destroys the balance in life. Women tend to compare themselves to other women and measure their confidence on that information. And then I don't only mean the looks and clothes but also the degrees, the personality and the behaviour of the other women. If you notice that you can 'top' that women then you immediately gain energy and feel confident. But if you see that the other women has certain things that you don't possess but wish to, then you can feel terrible. Most of the times you start to talk bad about that women just to feel better of yourself. I just want to remind that if you see a 'perfect' person and feel the boiling 'jealousy' coming up that just because she is sexy, intelligent and well dressed that doesn't mean that you're not. That she is pretty doesn't mean that you're ugly.

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  1. super leuke outfit, je ziet er echt prachtig uit. je ziet er uit als een sterke vrouw. en dat ben je ook, aan je posts te lezen. ik vind het super dat je niet oppervlakkig bent en alleen maar praat over je kleren maar die intelligente levenslessen in je posts vind ik super. daarom volg ik je ook op twitter.

  2. Wauw geweldige outfit!! Je ring en armband, super!! xoxo

  3. Your vintage blouse is awesome! And your whole look is so fashion forward. Also, love the message in this post. If more us girls had the same attitude, it would probably prevent girls being nasty to each other because of petty jealousy.


  4. love ur blog!
    I follow you!
    hug from BARCELONA

    follow back?

  5. I adore ur top!!! really want it!! U look so fantastic, honey!!

  6. ADORE!!!!!

  7. wow you look stunning !! In love with everything in this outfit!!! The blouse is amazing and the leggings looks great with it!
    I love what to wrote too, it's so true

  8. OMG my love this is divine, you're perfect !!! Love this blouse, so original and stylish on you, and this glitter legging is to die for !!!

    LOVE this outfit and you !


  9. wauw, jij hebt echt een mooie blog!
    En wat een prachtige jurk/top heb je aan!