I want nothing but art and love.

Hello my dears. Currently I'm laying in my bed with my laptop being a little sick. Every year I have one sick period in the autumn/winter times and yesterday those sick days started. Luckily I have a look to show you that we made on Sunday. It actually looks warm and sunny, almost like summer. Well, it was sunny for a couple of hours but don't let that fool you. It's still Holland -> cold. The only thing I need to say about my outfit that I love these tights! I have wanted them for over a year now, but last week I finally bought them. I wish to stay in bed all day watching my favorite series but unfortunately I need to do some stuff for school, bummer. But before sending this post I just need to inform and persuade you all to go and start watching the serie; the vampire diaries. It's brilliant, amazing, and it's all about passion and love -> what more could you ask for!? Seriously, start watching and let me know how it works out for you. I personally can't sleep at night because I want to see all the eposides.

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  1. you look great!

    and ı hope you'll be fine soon :(

  2. Oooh my poor dear, hope you're doing well, are you ??
    Once again you look amazing !! I LOVE this neon lipstick just fabulous on you and those gorgeous tights !!! This is such a great thing that you finally bought them ! They suit you so well ! I particularly love your necklace too !
    You're per-fect !!! <3333

    Have a good day and take care love !


    (ps : OH and I'll let you know if I like the vampire diaries too ;)

  3. haha, ik heb in een aantal uur al je post doorgenomen en je kan wel zeggen dat je een serie verslaafde bent. ;-) Mooie outfit weer. Ik vind vooral je lippenstift mooi, welk merk en welke kleur is dat? Ben je ondertussen al beter?

  4. U look so stylish!! Love ur new tights! Absolutelly adorable)))

    be healthy, honey;)

  5. That is rock sexy look! i'm in love with your lip colour!


  6. Wow, wat heb je een mooie blog zeg! Prachtige outfit! Misschien vindt je het leuk om even bij mij te kijken?

  7. you look absolutely stunning, love your blog, love your posts and definitely love your looks!!


  8. First of all: Great looks! I've been on your blog for an hour or something
    & Secondly: I seriously need to know where your lipstick comes from :o I'm so in love with that neon colour, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. You would realllyyyy help me :D

    Btw, you've got a new followerrrrr!