Blair: I’m fine. Or I will be. #gossipgirl

 Finally got some time to shoot another look. Got the amazing Prada keychain on my bag. The T-shirt I'm wearing is from Velour. I visited Amsterdam Fashion week this year and got this shirt during the Velour's show. I gave it to my love but decided to steal it for a day. And I'm wearing my YSL ring, still totally in love with it. Wish to have the light blue version as well. So I'm planning a new trip to Paris to get it! I finished my two big deadlines yeah. Now I got some time to breath, but not for long because I have 5 other school projects. Luckily the subjects are really cool and interesting so it's not that terrible. Only wish to have some more time to post pictures. Lots of love

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  1. Love your heels!*
    Gorgeous pictures!*

  2. hello my beautiful dear, how happy you have made me, so amazing to hear from you <3
    University is almost finished for this semester, and I am PANICKING, why? because my deadline is this Friday and I still have so much work to do, and so much to actually START. Yet, in saying that, I am enjoying what I'm doing, there is so much writing and research, it's my passion, but the timing just feels so off so I'm struggling, BUT ALMOST OVER!!!!! pffft, I work my best under pressure, so it's almost normal to feel this way!
    Now tell me how you are going? How is life treating you? and of course your studies?
    My darling, I would be over to Amsterdam in a flash, and soon I promise, you can take back to Paris since I don't remember much from 12 years ago ;p We will have a beautiful time my dear, then you will come to visit and shop with me!!!
    much love to you always darling xx

  3. love your shoes. you're on our "blogs we love" now and if you'd credit us we would wobble with happiness! x

  4. LOVE everything from head to toe .. another great look